ACF 50 Wins again!

So, the other day I decided I was getting pissed off seeing lime scale stains on the shower glass every few days.

One thing that drives me bonkers is lime scale, I was cleaning it ever few days just so I didn’t have to see it.

Then the other day I done it, then I went and washed the bike and thought BING ACF50 + Shower glass… What’s the worst that could happen?

I sprayed a little on, worked it over the glass and nearly 2 weeks later… NO LIMESCALE STAINS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! :smiley:

Admittedly its a little smeary and not nice shiny glass but I don’t care… NO LIME SCALE! YAY!!!

Any one else found any other USEFUL use’s for it?

And shower indicators works perfectly as well.


Indicators? :ermm:

Well… never mind, different joke, different page, different book.


Thanks for this handy tip Brett, I’m installing a posh new shower screen for one of my customers tomorrow. I might suggest this to them. I might copper grease the installation screws too;).

Doesn’t yours have indicators then? sounds like a pretty poor show to me:D

What an interesting tip…

I may wait to see the long term effects though :smiley:

if you use a squigee window washer thing after showering then you dont need to get rid of limescale (living the dream)

I did that for a while but I got fed up doing it every day…

Hmm… I’m not sure, I guess il only see the long term effects if we renew our lease next month…

Power shower baby, none of that electrical nonsense!

Snap, sadly…

i hate when people dont use their indicators in the bathroom.

otherwise how do you tell other bathroom users you’re ready to come out the bath?

so unsafe.


I’m with you guys, Daws will be after Pinlock inserts next because he hates cold showers and it steams up inside when he uses hot water

Power shower? Electricity with water is very good mix, trust me I’m an engineer…


Mr engineer. Power showers are designed to be used in zone 0. That means above the bath tub area. They are sealed units so are safe. Unless a numpty takes the cover off and removes the seal

And this in the country which don’t trust their people enough to allow have proper socket in the bathroom :slight_smile:


which goes to showw you how safe they are :slight_smile:
plugs arent water safe unless they are exterior plugs.
i wouldnt want water vapour on a standard plug.

you can have a 230v extractor fan within 60 cm of a shower screen but the switch must be further. go figure…