any one going;)

Inquiring minds want to know when ? :smiley:


It does say on the front page! Put your goggles on :cool::smiley:

ACE (2 members)

might pop down! :slight_smile:

did i not put the date on the post ,didlow:)

no fanks



Note to self get new pair of specs fookin spec savers are crap :P:P:P
Coz i still cant see it OOOK

Anyone got a pair that work :smiley: Hell just call me stevie wonder :cool::cool:

LOL Steve… LOOK AT GSXRAng’s post…she’s copied that info from somewhere… er…maybe it was when she was looking at the rideouts topics and saw 2 members were reading the ACE thread which has a subtitle which contains the date… Have you seen Stevie Wonders new Album? I was gonna say neither has he but I think he can see better than you LOL x :P:P

Yep, around 8 :cool:

Oooo me :smiley:

will be there about 8 ish als.

i may pop down for a first on a Friday night. will there be a ride somewhere?:slight_smile:

is there some sort of hostility between two of you i can smell with my cat’s nose? :smiley:

No hostility - they’re ex lovers.

Sounds good to me

Might pop down there myself seeing as its a nice evening n all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a noobie so will be skulking around in the background lol :smiley:

Will be on an orange RC8 :wink:


i might pop along for a swift cuppa…

not tonight I wont be :frowning: but will be thinking about you lot whilst sipping Mojito’s overlooking the Pacific :D:P