who,s going.will be there from 730…then later into town then on to hayes :slight_smile:

All dependant on the weather.


Why are you shouting? :cool:

should be there…around 8:D

think westie was shouting at that tight trousered… slick haired chap… that was at ace on wednesday:w00t::wink:

EDIT- no i dont , mean PJ:D


No i wasnt looking at that guy, he was sooooo wrong. yuk.

i shall see you guys there…:slight_smile:

only joking westie!! :smiley:

Slick boy was looking at Tiggi… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll only come out tonight if slick, tight trousered boy isn’t there!! :stuck_out_tongue:

are you talking about me Tiggi?! lol :smiley:

oh yes he was and what did he say to you tiglet?!:P:w00t:

Haha, no, I know your not coming out :stuck_out_tongue:

I may come out if I’m feeling ok, think I over did it Wednesday.

Tbh Ang, when I saw you go for the 2nd lot of apple pie I thought you was over doing it :smiley:

will be there from 8

Oh you don’t know how so wrong you are Tel… :D:D:D

For gawd’s sake woman - stay in for a couple of days!!

No rain… but its cold!

It’s just stopped raining in High Wycombe . I will probably be at the Ace later but will be in the car and van club tonight :wink: