Ace Tonight


I now it’s a bit late and it’s chilly out…but anyone up for meeting at the ace tonight?

Will be there soon as leaving now!!!

Missus is cooking spag bol so no chance :wink:

A meal that takes less than 20minutes to cook?

Noooooo it’s does not come out of a packet sonny, this takes awhile to cook real slowly (with some 60yr old port no less).
Then 2 hours to digest and finish the rest of the bottle off :smiley:

So thats how she controls you. Nice :smiley:

True…can’t deny it :slight_smile:

how’s the ACE cafe tonight?

I am off for a curry with some fellow bikers shortly! Supposed to be one of the best curry houses up north, so can’t wait!

No idea…but my spag bog was lovveeellyyy :slight_smile:

they must have got lost on the way home from the ACE, as no responses… my curry as lovveeellly too though! :smiley: