Ace tonight?

Weather seems warm enough for it but there might be some rain :Whistling:

So weather permitted, I’ll be making my way down there :smiley:

Mostly dry with a few bright spells at first, but soon becoming more generally cloudy with perhaps a little light rain developing in places later. Mild, but becoming breezy later.
Generally rather cloudy overnight with a little light rain or drizzle at times, although many places will remain mostly dry. Remaining rather breezy.

might be at ace on 24th feb as its bike night then.

It’s bike night every friday…

I’m on if not raining by 7pm

Would someone be willing to escort a 125cc?
Dont know the route!

Quite fancy that, on my own this Friday so it’ll save me cooking and get some company.

You’ll need to give people a rough direction which way you’re coming from though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure… tempted but then it’s a long way from where I live and not sure I can be arsed…

I’m toying with the idea…

So everyone MIGHT come.
So it MIGHT be a good night. Lol

Can’t miss me. Noisy silver GSR600 with red seat… If its not pissing down.

See you there Jamie, not going to rain until tomorrow!

Why the hell not? I WILL be there but not staying late as only have the dark tint on. For those that don’t know it’s a loud black '08 busa. Laters.

I’m off to see a house now so definitely a no

I’m on my way home to wash the bike. Won’t be there for too long tonight.

Here. About 40 bikes too :slight_smile:

I be there’re about 9.30 coming in Landy tho

Good seeing a few down the ace.