ace tonight?

we are in the area and the roads are dry, so if it doesn’t suddenly pee down then im gunna head up to the ace for a cuppa or three! Anyone else up for it?

I’m really tired from early morning starts this week but I fancy a trip to the ace… it’s been a while!

What time were you thinking of?

prob 6pm, alex gold is also gunna come, subject to weather!!

Cool I finish work normally about 4 but might have to stay an extra hour to finish some reports so should be there for 6… (if dry)

its not totally pissing down up this way! It came from nowhere, im not going out in this!

May sneek a cheeky cuppa in - unless the missus finds out. She’ll be jealous! :w00t:

WUSS :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :D:w00t:

It has stopped again, just as suddenly, & the sky is blue now:)

Yup seeing it in London Bridge as well… beautiful blue sky… :slight_smile:

I’m still up for it… After all my bike is filthy as a 10p prostitute…

well i shall pop by if it stay dry, r u guys coming to say hello? Ally - go hump yourself, you wont come either way!!!

Hahahahahaha! I cud ask to be taken pillion on my bike. But my lift is busy. :wink: plus u know i luvs ya :smiley:

It’s still coming down in Buckets in the dock

i might go to the pub instead:D

I’m still at work and will be for at least another hour… :frowning:

Stop fecking about on LB then!

I’m still considering it, it’s looking dry-iish

+1 :smiley: All this bitching and moaning about late work and he’s always posting during the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Right just finished what I have to do… anyone going/ there?

Quick change into my Goretex and might make a trip there… is it still raining (I can’t see outside)?

Just spoke to Jaime and he was keen too… heading up there now-ish…

Shooting off now… ish :slight_smile:

As its drying out i might take the bike for a ride up the road to the shops and back but i doubt i will be able to ride it to the Ace as im struggling with moving my wrist today :frowning:

Just got back. Alex gold +1 wsa there along with Serrisan, myself and a few others. We even saw GsxrAnge there. Not cold or rainy if only a little damp. Was nice to see LB’ers again but had to leave cause my back is playing up again :crying: