Ace Tonight

Hello my lovelies,

Xmas Party tickets will be for sale tonight at the Ace via Trisckie and PJ

Take care my darlings - its cold out there!


I’ll be there bout eightish for my tickets.:smiley:

I will be there but i might have to be in the car :Whistling:

Not sure what time but i hope it’s before 8:)

I should be heading down if the bike starts. Haven’t fired it up for a few weeks.

Hope to get down there about 6.30ish :wink:

Might venture across, need a couple of tickets :wink:


I confess that I wasn’t brave enough to come out and play tonight…the ride back last night was SO cold it was untrue…and I haven’t warmed up at all today…so I’m currently snuggled under a blanket, nearly warm apart from my left foot! Can I get my ticket at BM perhaps next week?