Ace tonight.

Come on Kishan, I’m not going down there unless you do!! :wink:

We could have another walk up to Collindale see if he’s about :smiley:

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Be not silly.

He not exist.

Might see ya there - I’ll be the one with a suitcase strapped to the back of a scooter :slight_smile:

nah i aint coming out tonight as its gonna be a wet one

Ur not made of sugar. They reckon its gonna dry up about half six…


Nah, not really! I’ll be there but it won’t be the same without Kish!! :crying:

i aint going either had enough rain now we went up last week got soaked coming back rode past buckingham palace stopped under the arch at the end just before(whats the name of it i cant think whats it called right now) just before trafalger square

i dont really fancy riding in the wet to go stand at ace cafe and get cold standing their on my tod and not knowing who anyone is pointless journey rather stay in the a nice warm dry house where the weather aint exactly biking weather, will probably be at another bike night soon depending o nthe weather and if my mate is up for it too.

Well I won’t be there for a couple of weeks.

Ok Kish, if we can make the effort on Hayabusa’s and Bandit’s you can on the typhoon! And as for being on your tod, introduce yourself!! Me - Busa, madjester hoodie, BIGVERN on my numberplate, about 6 ft 5, matt black shoei with twin white stripes, jeans. Ben - Bandit, Bald and not very good looking!! :wink: THAT IS IF YOU DO ACTUALLY EXSIST AND YOU’RE NOT JUST A MOD TRYING TO GET A RISE!

Just coz I aint your type! :smiley:

Obviously He dont know how good your blow jobs are Ben :Whistling:

Sounds like you do though :smiley:

Oi you two - my hairs not ginger :wink:

Good night at the Ace. Dunno what happend to Vern - he done a Kishan lol.

Weather was Ok for all you fair weather fairies.

Ok my bad!! Left work with every intention of scooting to the ace and found that I had no rear brake (see questions and answers thread) so sense pervailed and I went home. However will be there next week if I can get the bike sorted so expect to see you there! 'Night 'night!