Ace tonight

Probably another thread on this - but I don’t care.

Anyone going? :smiley:

There anything special on ?

Apart from me being there… hmm not sure?

Although this time I shan’t be leaving at midnight! lol
(All you other bastards were warm in cars)

Shhh , dont tell everyone !

Looking forward to going sometime this week but hoping to see a night like on you tube lots of stunts etc. . . Street fighter night was a wash out as far as that goes though :frowning:

Considering its a PUBLIC highway if you want to see stunts go to a show and you won’t be so disappointed. :slight_smile:

There were plenty of ***s stunting up and down on Sunday during the day, Friday is usually the night to watch it all going on, obviously if it’s wet then it deters them :smiley: