Ace This Afternoon

If the weather holds out is there anyone going to the Ace Cafe today ??

I will but I want to go for a ride first. Supposed to have gone to Goodwood but I was kind and gave my ticket to a mate, so i’ll have to now go out on my lonesome for a ride.

would love to but feeling a bit too sick to be out on a bike…

btw its fireblade day at the ace today…

Wassup AJ? Was hoping to see yo ass up there girl!

Oli & myself will be leaving saaaaaaaaarrff london around 12pm to get up there for 1pm. Who else is gonna come out to play??

i might but not in my dawglow gear lol

What are you thinking of wearing this time Val?

just the flu i think… so am gonna just stick in bed today and hopefully all better by tomorrow…

am so jealous…

hope you feel better for wednesday

why r u calling me that

i dont know maybe my birthday suit as its my birthday today

I’ll try and gather 10 men together to give you the bumps - birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Ginge!

nah i would rather have 10 women give me the bumps but hey they will have to wait until september as its not my birthday till then

had you fooled then

LOL! You nutter!


should be good to go

see you there

might head up in a bit! left home at 6 this morning on the oldmans intruder c800 and headed upto j11 on the m40, fixed a pig to a spitroast lit the fire, had some brekkie then headed home again! got the cruiser to 105mph!! not bad considering the clock only goes to 110!!!

I’ll be out the door in a mo - some bike probs to deal with. See you guys soon xx

didnt see anyone there

just saw ginger

there wasnt that many people anyway

see you soon

are you implying you had a spit roast this morning adam?

why are you on some custom bike ? is the gixxer still wonky?

happy birthday ginger!! big kiss ha ha!!! only joking

gixxers alright now just two toned thats all!(front----black)


just didnt wanna use the last bit of life in my rear tyre hacking up the motorway!!

spitroast was very very nice!!

gutted i cant make the summer bash!!

you cant miss me can you,

there was a few there