Ace rideout Wed evening

Anyone going for a spin this evening?? It’ll need to be quite early I think due to the lack of light available. Need to think of a destination. Preferably somewhere not too far with some twisty roads!

Any takers?

Did you get my text?? We’re all going with Terry ZX6RYellow, unfortunately at 7pm which I think is quite late, but hey,it’s better than nothing!Will be fun anyway!

Yeah, got your txt, couldn’t reply as me phone ran out and i’ve just managed to get through to them to top it up now!

7pm then! Can’t do much twisties, it’ll be too dark really. Still I’ll try to get along for then or maybe a bit earlier to see what’s going down.

You any idea where were going?

We are heading up to Elstree and Radlet. I would like to do it earlier but any earlier than 7pm and we will hit rush hour traffic which means it will cause problems. It will be fun and good to see you there.

You guys going back to the Ace afterwards? … I can’t make 7pm … but I’ll be up the Ace around 8 - 8:30 … hopefully see you there!!

Yup will be there all night after the ride mate.

Sorry couldnt make it didnt get my tyres in the end :frowning: