Ace, Poppins & Frith Friday 25th May

Anyone up for it ?

I would but it’s my birthday drinks that night in Ruby Lo (23 Orchard Street, W1). Maybe you guys could pop into the pub in your leathers en route to Frith street!? That would make a birthday gal smile

In Spain - so no can do!

I’ll bring you a big donkey back

I fink its very nice of u to offer to buy us a drink

Do you know wot airport to go to

I’m the birthday girlie, so you guys have to buy me pressies, cakes and drinks!

Anyway, even if I were to buy you a drink, you know it would be tequila don’t you!?

I’m up for it, I would love to pop in and see ya Lusty

So if we pop past & buy you drinks your down em whilst were there

Well it is your Birthday

Hmmm… There will be a strategically placed plant pot!

sure, can we squeeze in blackheath? as its on my way home, i would like an escort, lol

i will be out!! and yes lustir id like to pop in and say howdy!! xxx

ill be there even if its to ace and poppins as i have to get up early on saturday for the kill spills ride out

do you really need to tell us twice?

Wow that is a well posh place, dunno if they will let me in! I work about 1 min from there, what time are you going to be there from, might pop in after work?

Well I try to be LB’s posh bird NOT!

I was thinking of heading down there for about 6-6:30.

Thread hijacker!

I’ll be out but also have to get up early for kill spills on Saturday.

I’ll be there its my birthday too!

hope so.

When they delivering the c90?