Ace & Frtih st 8th

Terry, what i said last Friday, so look out for what im wearing to see if im going or not.

‘I’m not going, its boring’

Thats what Terry said to me

Thats Why Ya do Ace Poppins Frith makes it a lil diff

Hrumph, all the Poppins nights are when I’m swanning elsewhere.

I’ll be enjoying the seafood platter though…

how about you lot come to kent to pick me up? that will make it more interesting, lol

I will be about

you can’t even spell Frith so what chance you got of getting yourself dressed :slight_smile:
Is this another post you started and ain’t going :wink:

fingers crossed i will be out and about this night!!!xx

i wont be, im up at sisters for the weekend

but u are not alowed out now hun u got told off!!!x

i am allowed out

but only with supervision!!!

probably true


missing my bike though

i should be there…

I’ll be there! Looking forward to catching up with everyone

Be good to see you hun!

ok what time you lot leaving aces

i`l be there

what with your kit kat

Good night last night i enjoyed it. The Ace was ramed by 8.30pm and as i wore my leathers i shocked everyone and went to Poppin and to Frith st after. Just as i was going to leave Frith st a b@stard traffic warden was going to give me a ticket so i left.

I didn`t go to Clapam after as i was knacard but maybe next time.