Ace & Frith Fri 19th Jan

Anyone up for friday nite

Nope! I’ll be being fed tequilas by Lusty somewhere near Waterloo Come along!

yep! i will be at ketis birthday and then to frith!!!

I’ll be there mate!

I’ll be there - lid in one hand nachos in the other.


has that fat copper stopped giving everyone grief up at frith now then?

Whatcha mean … I don’t get that chance to go there that often never mind give anyone any grief !

He meant the other one…

He appears at times I think it depends if he’s eaten…

He eats bikers for dinner? I’m steering clear!

no one sensible every gives you grief! :wink:


And who said anybody on here was sensible?

thought you were just big boned mate?

I`ll be there, this is becoming a regular thing for me now.

I maybe also be there

i’ll see you at Frith

alright terry,sould get down to the ace and maybe frith but its not going to be a late one for me…

Are you under manners, fort u was going to tell her ur be home when u get there

Only joking Mrs Animal

Be nice to see you Geez, course it wont be late

im free,paul hows you tyer…

Can`t make it now as something has come up.

i shall b there my son is riding down on his 400 for the first time .