ace fri 3/10/008

whos going:)

Me :w00t::smiley:


depnds…on many things!

may be helping an LB’er to get his knee down…:slight_smile:

not westie is it:P

will be ripping it up in wales :smiley:

have fun ladies!!! :wink: x

Oh, are some of you going to Wales, you kept that one quite, not seen anything about it :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Have fun :smiley:

never mind might see ya next week:Dhave a good one:)

I may grace you with my presence, you unlucky people :w00t:

tattooist750chick (02/10/2008)
cant go to this as it is getting too cold in the eveings for me and also foxy wont let me out
have fun x

never mind might see ya next week

have a good one

Look for some kind of trouble Mr Tug???:stuck_out_tongue:

he should be so lucky!:w00t::smiley:


Me, I’m brave enough, what time?

gonna be phishing down tomorrow till about 7pm do you really want to teach in slippery conditions? me thinks not.

Not me this week :frowning:

shame them twins dont work in the rain .you should get your self a inline four mate:)

mine works in all weather just not for KD antics unless you wanna fix my bike

Some peopla are a little touchy hey Tugs ;):smiley:

hello rick how ya doing …must be a v twin thing:)

Im always there and i ride a twin but then i am special;)