Ace closed on Friday Nights ... who was it

Been on the cards for a few years thanks to the toerags who think its fun to ride in a socially unacceptable way in and around the area.

When I was working with the guys at the Ace as a sponsor going back a few years they were bending over backwards to try and curb the behaviour of a few, but to no avail it seems.

Police were sympathetic to the Ace, but…

The toerags have won for the moment


This isn’t going to stop the muppets turning up.


There’s always been muppets. Difference is now that the roads are so busy.

And someone probably wants the place shut down so they can build unaffordable flats on it.


But now Ace cannot be blamed so less chance of being permanently closed.

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Is the closure voluntary or have the police or council requested or demanded it?

Presume it’s temporary?

Very uneasy that a venue is closed because of the behaviour of people near it. Supermarket carparks often attract cars for meets/racing and other anti-social (whatever that is) activities but am unaware of any of them being closed.


Fair point, well made. As I understand it most of the shenanigans are off site and away from the Ace Cafe’s premises and the perpetrators aren’t even customers or patrons of the Ace Cafe.

Some time back, due to similar shenanigans, the LB Brent set up a motorcycle curfew on roads leading to a trading estate not too far from the Ace Cafe. That curfew may still be in place today I don’t know, it;s probably not because it never solved anything. The curfew was poorly policed and the shenanigans simply moved on to the next available trading estate. The businesses on those trading estates were never blamed or closed for the the situation we see today in the local vicinity of the Ace Cafe which I believe has grown out of failures by the local authority, poor policing and out of touch officials in the Law Courts,

When I last went though park royal, they’re way still motorbike restrictions on some roads (but these are 24/7 too)

All part of licensing laws and antisocial …

Suppose Mark has voluntarily closed rather than be made to close but as we know it will just restart once they reopen so it becomes a viscous circle .

So because the police are incapable (under resourced?) or unwilling (inept?) to deal with the people causing anti social issues, they instead target the business that they see as attracting the yoof to the area?

Am presuming it is the police rather than council acting here and it could be the council tbf.

But to instead target a business and to punish lawful users of the Ace because of unlawful behaviour by non users of the Ace seems a quite bizarre approach.

The point of law enforcement is surely to target those who actually commit crimes? What next, we don’t like how some bikers ride so we will bring in restrictions on bikes (where they can go or top speeds) ?

Or a shop has a problem with shop lifters so we’re going to target the old ladies who use the shop rather than the actual shop lifters?

It’s a pathetic approach, punishing people who have not committed any crimes because they authorities are incapable of dealing with the issue. Put up a couple of cameras, collect the evidence and then prosecute those identified.

Is that too much to ask that the police actually police the issue?


Its not about the Police or enforcement, its about the courts and the Judiciary failing to do their job properly.

All the Police can do (and I am not in any way saying they are without fault) is put the offenders before the court. Once they do that and present the evidence it is down to the courts to dish out suitable penalties that will encourage these vermin to go and find something else to do. The reality is that the magistrates are often no better than the little scumbags they are sentencing and so let them off lightly because they take pity on them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Once the Police have put the evidence forward to the courts, their job is done.

The other side of the coin and one of the main issues is the CPS. Often they will not prosecute or they plea bargain so that a guilty plea for a lesser offence will be entered.

The CPS are not fit for purpose in most cases. I have had section 1 death by dangerous cases dropped to a careless driving simply because it meant they would get a guilty plea and it avoided a drawn out court case rather than giving it a run for its money at the Crown court (which is the only place a section 1 can be dealt with) and letting a jury decide.

So I agree that the Police are not without fault, but the CPS and the Courts must accept the lions share of the responsibility and much of this issue will probably be subject to a court order as it is easier to issue rather than dealing with the ignorant toerags in the first place.



Am sure the wider “justice system” is failing - not just down to the police.

But it won’t be the CPS who have leant on the Ace owners to close down. It will be the council and/or the police - who are doing the leaning presumably because of the failings of the justice system to make a meaningful impact in dealing with the anti-social behaviour and their desperation to deal with it.

And in so doing - they are punishing a business and it’s customers who are completely law abiding, from what I can tell.

How on earth can a council or police force targeting innocent people be an appropriate response to the failings of the justice system to deal with criminal people?

@bluelagos I agree with much of what you say. The point I was making (albeit badly) is the CPS often choose not to prosecute (and I know that this has been the case a few times regarding the Ace ) and it will not have been the Police insisting that the Ace shuts on a Friday evening. That will be down to the local authority and the Magistrates.

If the CPS and the courts dealt with cases put before them properly, then much of this situation could have been avoided.


Chelsea Bridge and now The Ace, Average Speed Cameras, 20mph speed limits, ULEZ, why do we even enter the Khan Wasteland.

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Makes me laugh how people blame the ULEZ zones on Kahn. As if he’s in charge of the Bristol, Cambridge, Derby etc ones as well. It’s all his fault!


Although it didnt become operational until later, the ULEZ was originally introduced under Bozo’s reign as Mayor.

Not the only thing he’s fucked then.

Bozo’s ULEZ was just Central London (same area as Congestion Charging) and planned for September 2020. Khan couldn’t wait and brought that forward by 18 months then expanded and expanded it again.

Time line:
2015 Bozo announces Central London ULEZ planned for September 2020;
April 2019 Khan’s ULEZ becomes operational 18 months early;
October 2020 Khan’s inner expansion to North & South Circular Roads becomes operational;
August 2023 Khan’s outer extension planned to become operational.

Note the one month difference in Bozo’s Central London ULEZ and Khan’s ULEZ expansion!

Come the day of reckoning Bozo and Khan can stand shoulder to shoulder against The Wall.

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I KNEW there must be some ulez supporters