Ace Cafe

Just a few questions about Ace as i’ve only ever been there twice and it was just for a quick look around.

  1. When is the best time to go there for a bite to eat (when is it quiet)? also is the food any good?

  2. Am I going to get smashed into by all the people stunting outside or are they farly safe with there tom foolishness?

  3. is it worth getting the membership?


what membership? :s
and the sausage and mash is good
and friday nights , and sundays are usually busy

The Ace is good fun, ive never had a problem parking there.

You dont have to be a memeber to eat or enjoy it there, the membership card (if you join) enables you to discounts of food and drinks as well as other things.

Best times to go are Friday eves and Sundays.:slight_smile:

LB Newbie Night clashed with “Twist’n’Go Night” which is a pain with all the cunning stunts of the scooterists but…


Isn’t that right Ginger;):stuck_out_tongue:

Was that subtle hint there chunks?:smiley: what about a Notherners night?!:w00t:

You have to be careful of all the whippets tied up outside:P:D

just go on a day when there is not an event or meet happening.

Though sometimes good to go when some events are on, look at the dates and take yer pick, some are quiter than others. i like going on a sat day time ya got the yankee cars etc and not too busy, sometimes, lol.

What’s the story behind Japanese car night being cancelled with something about noise and respect for the neighbours (as per the leaflets stuck up around the Ace ?)

, i`ll have to bring me ferrets instead…:smiley:

Careful not to “Whippit” out;):smiley:

what like this???

oh lord no, its much thicker than that…:stuck_out_tongue:

I would be very careful if you go there on a Friday night, some dodgy characters hang about. You want to watch out for a bloke with a tat on the back of his head, one that looks like ET and another is a bloke with a harley tat on his arm-he drives a silver lexus:D

I think Japanese car night was cancelled due to people ‘drifting’ around the roundabout and doing rolling burnouts etc up and down the road.

I’ll keep me eyes peeled :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: … yeah, right dodgy characters, those ones!! :smiley:

The same happened with a ford night, shame as it was a lot of fun :wink:

Jog on Danny :smiley:

Ah yeh and the Ace…bad food, bad music but the company’s good :slight_smile: Friday nights bout the best time to go :wink:

Had vegetable lasagne there yesterday afternoon with a jacket potato and both were really nice!!

So you had 2 lunches, growing lad en’t ya mate :smiley: