ace cafe

who"s going;)

i’ll be about tug, not sure what time tho.

ill be ther matey

What time ya planning then ?

We’ll be there if i can get fishy out of bed before 6pm, when i say ‘bed’ i actually mean ‘sofa’ cos she must have been too tired to walk up the stairs last night !
It must be hard work being an art student:doze:

my bedrooms too cold to sleep in :frowning:

Wear a coat 2 bed then saves heating bills !!
I know wot ya mean zeph, must be girl thing my daughter is attached 2 sofa !!

your a goldfish tho…coldwater fish…:D:D:P:w00t:

lol well theres no water in my bedroom anyway!!!
and thought i was a cod?
they live in the sea

anyway im doing good today im up and its not 12 yet :slight_smile:

HAHA oh yeah cod…well they are coldwater too!:smiley:

doing good?? be good if you made it to college! lol:w00t:

lol it wudnt today itd be pretty stupid
seen as its my day off:P

lol it wudnt today itd be pretty stupid
seen as its my day off:P


oh ok! i let you off today then:D

I remember art students when I was at uni, they had a couple of days at college a week and the rest were artistic learning days or whatever they called them, expression days or something. I saw a few of them expressing themselves in the pub, that’s for sure ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I was an art & design student for 5 yrs, thats y im the well balanced individual i am today

went to art and design university, high as a kite every day from the special rollies everyone had

also remember once the lecturer switched lights off, played opera music and we had to sketch in dark, expressing the music…

everyone was excited at prospect of doing life drawing, but never got any fitties

I’d second that, all we ever got were VERY overweight old women that could be grannies and loads of gay models that thought it was funny to get a **** on infront of all the fit boys in our art class.

Not coming out to play tonight, got more amusing things to do tonight :wink: Saying that, probably not quite as fun as Terry and Tug :kiss:

we havent had to draw any yet ,
although weve been threatened with having to draw old fat men
somehow i think everyone going to be “ill” that day

To be honest the ‘rounder’ people are a lot more interesting to draw, loads of cool curves and spaces to get into your pics.

I’ll be there for my dinner :stuck_out_tongue: