Ace cafe vid

How many of you in this vid and where was you going lol :smiley:

That looks like the recent Friday night run to Box and Brighton (via some dirt-tracking).

HA HA HA you can see me and wasp!

Doh, I met them at box :smiley:

Friday night fish n chips run !:smiley:

That was scary pulling out the car park with them nutters tearing up and down…talk about dodge the stunters lol i see me and Ally :smiley: was a good rideout to brighton that night must do that again soon eh ally;)

I will look at doing this again but I need to make sure the rally stage has been cleared up. I have looked at an alternative route in any case.

I need to get a puncture kit first though :stuck_out_tongue:

Gutted I left early PJ as I had one on me !

That would be great!

I actually managed to return from this rideout in one piece;)

ah! the white- most likely nicked- 675:D

i’m in the vid tooooo:)