ACE CAFE tonight

any of you braving the rain, ill be there with tiggy in the car :smiley:

ermmm 2nd thoughts scrap that idea its incarnation night tonight so by 7 you wont be able to hear urself speak anyway


I just Looked on the website fri 27th bike night… 25th was incarnation!!

The thread was posted 2 days ago! :wink:

no name Moley…

Oh yeah…

I lost it when I had a shower, it fell down the plughole! :alien::slight_smile:

so bringing this post up to date is any1 going to the ace tonight?

Would love too but got way too much to do which would have been done had I not been talking crap all day on here !!

Sun has came out in South London and looks as if it’s going to be a good nice night, enjoy peeps.

Since the weather is better I’ll be there later tonight (8ish). I’ll probably be on my own so if you see me please come over and say hello.


I’m in Jimbo.

Yeah will be down Bike a lid as per avatar stop me and say hello!! leaving shortly