WHO is going up?

I am just wondering if it going to busy
Last time Rain was on the cards and there was not so many

Sorry, I totally missed this, would have been cool to attend.

Just for the future, for my reference, are Fridays at Ace Cafe a regular thing?


supposed to be bike night

was only 50 there btw

Gutted I missed this, I finished work early and went for a ride out.

Stopped by the Bike Shed on the way back, would have been good to link it with Ace. Saw a great Ducati DesertX parked up, amazing machine!

I’ll make sure I look out for Bike Night in the future, 50 still seems like a good number!

I can’t do The Bike Shed - 40mph is bad enough but TWENTY OMG!!

The Bike shed is not just 20 mph its £20 a cheeseburger too, to be fair you do get chips, dipping sauce and a diet coke for that which I suffer as a biannual treat and pilgrimage back to my birth place. My preferred bike night of choice these days is The Plough at Great Bentley Green where a very decent cheeseburger, chips and a pint of Guinness can be had for £10! The downside is the surrounding roads can be heavily Policed on a Wednesday night but at least they’re 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with some challenging bends on good tarmac for exercising The 250.

Yeah, I get it. In a weird way I find the traffic element nice, I sometimes take a different route through Central…take in the sights if the weather is good.

Ah! Noted, I’ll remember that one. That’s also on a Friday?

Lots of these routes and meets to learn for me. I don’t mind paying the Bike Shed, or any other venue, as long as it’s supporting a good business with a fair pricing system.

pity it is 103 miles away

what’s 103 miles away?