Ace-Cafe / Tea Hut / Anywhere tonight?

Anyone fancy a cuppa up the Ace, Box, anywhere?

No big rides planned on the site, but I fancy a mini ride for something to do and meet up with any LB’ers…

Reply and ill take a look when Im done at the gym.


Planning to get to the Ace for about 7.30pm (ish). Then may be meeting someone at BHTH later, so you’d be welcome to tag along.

soz not tonight mate gonna spend the evening with mrs

mike my paps and myself are heading up the hut now

Running late…, but still planning to go to the Ace.

Oooh, I might pop down in half an hour or so.

My apologies to the people that replied. I don’t think I ever got back to this thread. I had a fight with my local gym, the gym won! :hehe:

DAS theory test tomorrow, I am so excited!!! :w00t:


Vikings MC at the tea hut just now. Next time another biker (ie me) indicates left to let the back marker through to catch his mates up, how about saying thanks!!!