Ace Cafe Supermoto Sunday.

Anyone going? What time?

hopefully i’ll get me leathers back from wasp in time, if not i’ll ride in a vest and underpants:hehe:

Let’s hope Darren gets his leathers back!

I’m up for this.

you dont really :rolleyes: you washed your bike yet?


And I noticed more damage to it :pinch:

Need to get it set up properly before try all that again!

** Er excuse me…:Whistling: just u remember i offered to get them finished in time for this…:P**

maybe (not that I have a supermoto, but it never stopped me trying bcr)… what time are you guys going down there? doing bcr first then going, or skipping bcr and going direct?


did anyone go to ace today? was there any moto’s there??

Who’s that in the videos with the silly hat. He gets everywhere he does.:w00t:

Didn’t notice any of the XT660’s stunting, I wonder why.

A neighbor KTM rider said that he checked this coupla months back and there were only 3 motos :frowning:

Think he makes a cameo in the Essex moto vid too :stuck_out_tongue: