Ace cafe Fri 20th july

Wow by sum sort of miracle i’ve got friday night off work, always wanted to go to ace, hear fri nights is bike night so was wondering if anyone is going and would mind me joining them??

I think it might be thin on LB members…

Join us for a beer?

ooo change of plans by the looks of it!

The usual crew will still be going to the Ace

Maybe i will, maybe i won`t.

i should be out at the Ace - no more drinking for me

I’d like to try and make this, have to see how things pan out with him that wears the trousers that i tell him to wear

i may well drive down to see u all as my bikes still not in one piece yet!!! never mind my adams doing a great job with it its lovely!!!

Shame Adams not around long enough to finish it in one go.

nevermind!! a perfectionist always takes there time!!!i will just have to suffer and waite!!!

looking like rain tomorrow…

may see u at the ace if dry

its well bad out there is everyone still going!!! its storms here

looks like its going to be dry tonight. what time you all going to be there?

leaving sunny milton keynes…now

Its clouding over again here…im out tomorrow to sort out something with the bike so im not gonna try and make it down…ordered new nose cone today…£165.00 inc vat and post…when will this spending ever stop !!! BUT, gotta have it cos cant wait for a respray on one on it a mo…paintworks not been right since my accident and it was repaired? changed nearly all the fairing for new now so might as well do the front eh?..ah well…its all for my baby so has to be done…*(sorry M9, couldnt wait 4 ur mate to sort it out for me?)

Good to see u when ur bikes done gina girl…

i just want to get out there and ride like the wind!!hehehehe