Was ridin up the A598 towards finchely, the car infront of me started slowing down, didnt see any indicating and there was no side road or anything to the right so went round the outside, then he suddenly turned right and knocked me flying into the shops

My arm is F’in killing me but didnt go to the hos as i would have had to leave my, once new and shiny , SV on the side of the road!

I guess on a brighter note i did get my knee sliders scuffed a bit which i didnt think i would be able to do during winter

Sorry to hear. Im in finchley if you need any help.

unlucky. get well soon.

Oh no! Bad luck Full Throttle… I hope your arm isn’t hurt too badly, nor the bike! Situations like this can be difficult to prove who’s at fault, but as Tony says, there’s a precidence for it. All the best getting things repaired asap. Let us know how it goes…

Sheez Glad you’re alrightish though ;D

Give us a sitrep about your arm.

Oh no mate sorry to hear that just before xmas as well. Heal soon bud.

Cheerz guys. Its hurtin at the top of the forearm where it crashed through a lovely Itallian restraunts clay plant pot. Feels a bit numb as well. Am gonna go get it checked out at the hospital now.

sorry to hear fella hope your arm is ok

Oh no! Your beatifull bike mate! Sorry for your arm too… Get well soon mate! I’ll be back from holidays on 09th January and if you leave near me I can give you a lift up to the UCL mate! Let me know

Thank god ure ok…make sure he doenst get away with mate

sorry to hear this dude…better get that arm x-rayed,could have a hairline fracture, unfortunately unless its on video its his word against yours…hope it works out for ya

Glad to see your all in one peice mate and I hope your arm is ok.

Bad news mate. Hope you have got the bike back and its not too bad. probably worth getting your injuries checked out, you may be able to do the driver and every bit of evidence counts. I wasn’t going to hospital when i crashed, the other half insisted i go, turned out I had a broken wrist!

Hope you heal fast and get the bike sorted.

Sorry to hear of your spill mate.

I deal with claims every day where indecisve t**sers decide that as captain scarlet encapsulated in their big metal shells there is no need to :-

a) Indicate their intentions, but even then a flashing indicator on a vheicle only means the bulb is working.

b) Check thier mirrors, thast if they are even properly adjusted.


c) something drummed into each of us, look over thier shoulders!.

Hope the bike isn’t do badly damaged, if you have taken your policy out with one of the majpor brokers you should have legal expense cover, that company should fight your corner for you. If you need any advise PM me.

Not a good Xmas pressie. Hope the arm is ok (that’ll be the drinking the one I guess ) and the bike’ll fix up of course.

Get well soon.

Sh!t, that’s bad news … glad you’re in one piece though!! … Good luck making your claim … hope you’re back on the road soon!

Spoke to Carole Nash (my insurers) today…

The guy said he cant see it going any way other than 50:50 as “bikers put themselves more at risk by filtering” (though technically i was “overtaking”) and i may be looking at a 20% premium increase!!! Perturbed

Hey, Full Throttle… Sorry to hear about your spill mate!!! And glad your not hurt too badly.

I had some stupid woman pull out on front of me last Thursday, I had Jay on the back. Luckily neither of us were hurt. I did a beautiful rolling stoppie though!!! He he he… Got three independant witnesses, and I’m going to take her to the cleaners.

Very sorry to hear this, sounds bloody painfull.

Had the same thing happen to me in Upper Norwood, I ended up going through a glass bus shelter.

Hope you get it all sorted.

thats complete crap mate - everyone knows that bikes filter, what are we suposed to sit in traffic? don’t think so. If people look before they turn it’d help a lot, I’ve had that before aswell. So where were they turning to - parking or something?

Hope the arm gets better soon by the way.