Accident today at Cromwell Road

Hello all,

On my way into work this morning I was knocked off by a white van man doing a u-turn, what makes it worse was that he didn’t even realise he had hit me and he drove off!

Another biker behind me saw what had happened and gave chase, luckily he mangaed to get the driver back so I could sort out the insurance details. If he didn’t come back I would’ve thought it was a hit and run, but thanks to the mystery biker I can at least try and fix the bike through the insurance.

I never got the mystery bikers details, but here’s a BIG THANKS, you did a very decent thing and I really appreciate it!!!

The accident happened today morning on Cromwell road outside the Victoria & Albert Museum, just passed the small cafe in the middle of the road.

Here’s to you mate:)

Bad luck fella, hope you get it all sorted quickly.

What a top bloke the other guy was eh! I wonder if he’s an LB’er?

sorry to hear bout your off, but top marks to the fellow biker i know i’d done the same too if id witnessed it and hope others would too :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of ya off…at least you’re alive to post about it.

Nice one on the mystery biker…lets hope they’re on here and pop on to say hello! :smiley: