Accident On Highway Oct 2008

I witnessed an accident October 08 which wasnt the fault of the rider, I gave my details etc etc & have filled in the accident report twice and faxed it back to the blokes insurance company - they sent me another form but as I’d already done it twice I thought they had sent it by mistake again.

Anyway, had a voicemail on my work phone this morning from the bloke saying they had never recieved it and his claim is still out standing due to this. The number hes left me to call him back on doesnt work from my mobile or landline so Im hoping that someone on here might know him? His name was Graham Dingwall & he was riding a Triumph Bonnville.

If you know him, could you get him to PM me on here - cheers :slight_smile:

Do you know what insurance company he was with? You could try contacting the insurance company and seeing if you can sort something out through them

Nah cant remember mate - just got the form, faxed it back (twice) and didnt think much more of it.

The info you have you should be able to find the individual handling the claim? Get in touch directly and coordinate getting the info through to them directly…

you could always try to search is address

Could try hunting him down on Facebook?, I just did a name search for him on there and came up with 5 results matching his name. It’s abit long winded but you could send a message to each of them asking if they ride a bike, etc, etc.

I dont have any info mate - just gave him my address & phone number. I faxed back the details of the crash that were asked for and that was that, the paper I faxed back is long gone.

I’ll try facebook - good plan :slight_smile: