Accident - 2 bikers down on A406 & helicopter pick up

Just coming home on the North Circular A406 eastbound at 16:30, when there was a traffic jam. Filtered to the front to find a police car blocking the road.On the other side of the North Circ heading west bound between Ikea (just after the lights) & the Ace Cafe before the double bridges was a helicopter.Spoke to another biker on a blue Hornet & he informed me that 2 bikers had an accident & the Air Ambulance was picking 1 or both of them.

When the helicopter left & the police lets us go, I had a quick look to see 2 sports bikes on their stands where the incident took place. 1 bike was all black sports either a Ninja or R1 & the other was orange racing colours perhaps a Honda. Sorry I coudn’t be more detailed, it was a quick look.

Hope the both bikers are going to be OK. Let us know if anyone’s got more info.

All of you take care, even when the suns out.


(Only 4 days left on my Hornet before I’m on the Street Triple all the time):smiley:

fingers crossed …GWS