ABR Festival

Any one going on Friday or Saturday?

Yes, there’s a couple from here heading up, I’m aiming at Friday I think

Ok, let me know the time and place. I am in Loughton

This weekend peeps!!

Have fun guys!

It was a laugh.
I did try and post on here to see if anyone wanted to meetup while there but the interweb connection was sooo poor, massive festival and the local mobile phone network fell on its arse!!
We had to resort to SMS and actually call each other to stay in touch :rofl:

Anyhoo, I now quite like a DesertX after test riding one offroad.

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I would go so far as to say it was a better bike show than London excel. SO many manufacturers there and all sorts of test rides available. Ural were even doing off-road passenger rides!


Several of us have booked for next year already

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It’s now next year. So who’s going this weekend?

Was hoping to, but my health says no

i am!
but ive broken the bike so it might not :cry:

I am! But I sold the bike I used last year so I’ll be mostly going to talks and scrounging someone else’s bike. Feel like a test ride on a multistrada too.

Desert X is the one you want to try.

Anyone got a new bike? :rofl:

Wasn’t mian after a loan bike? He did say he’d be in the look out to borrow one.

Maybe he took it bit forgot to tell them his only borrowing it.


Instead I borrowed Avi’s bike. Which overheated after 15 minutes

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