About to have a bath

Thanks chaps for the whisky reviews, it will make bathtime more exciting but any advice on how to get out of the bath afterwards?

Am i missing the whole point of this thread or something??? WTF is this about ??? baths and whiskey ???

err, you just stand up or have you got a funny shaped bath?

dont forget a rubber duckie :smiley:

We meant how do you get out of the bath after drinking all those malt whiskies

see above

Has someone been sniffing glue??

Someone has been sniffing too much Mr Matey :slight_smile:

No drinking whisky

Think whatever it is, its double strength…now i think im going to have a shower before making a cup of tea…is that ok before or after …cos i dont want to get cramp…:wink: oooh, and shall i add whiskey to the teacup, before or after i add hot water and sugar?..

Try appliying all the above with a sponge, any adverse reaction and you have the chance to rinse it off. Good luck! What do you wear in bed?

my helmet…and you?

My old man, a genuine Edwardian, always told me the only thing that should be added to a good malt was another one. After many years of practice, I’ve come to agree with him.

If we are into economy malts, I’m quite a fan of Sainsbury’s Islay and Irish single.

At least both are priced to be drunk rather than the horribly rare bottle of stuff my sister sent me. I can probably insure my bike for a year for that money!

I’m scared to crack the seal on that, so what’s the pleasure?

Do you favour synthetic bath sponges or the genuine article. please apply a reasoned argument in your response.

Do YOU favour a hand or a fist up your jacksy to swivel on !!! What the hell is it with your questions, non bike/biker related in any way btw !!!

This thread is funny:D Me i don’t bath…i shower don’t get time to “SOAK”:smiley: oh and whiskey tastes better in strong coloumbian coffee;)

Yeh but babes…your not normal re the columbian coffee bit (urgh)…but then neither is JETSTREAM :slight_smile:

Now you’re talking :P:D Good strong coffee is where it’s at :cool:

Nah, see me…id rather go for the good strong columbian !!! :wink: sod the coffee :w00t:

Thinking of having a shower tonight, never dreamed baths could be so contentious! Must try out my Avon Skin So Soft dual softening body wash, maybe I can dispense with my Tescos PJs tonight?:blush: