About to have a bath

going to have a bath before dinner, know you should never have on after food, thought I`d play it safe.

whys that then?

i aint figured this one yet, unlless it was supposed to be a pm to someone

Just felt a bit dirty, is that a crime?

Anyway, baths over now and Im feeling up for anything, even dinner.

i was on about why is it better to have a bath before dinner, not after…

Reminds me of the old Punch cartoon. Picture an old tramp in his hedge writing a postcard…

“Dear Mr Pear, I used your soap last year and since then have had to use none other.”

Just something my old mother told me before she died. Something to do with stomach cramps, not her you understand, it was a heart attack that finished her off.

thanks for sharing that…


No problem! Hope the advice serves you well.


That’s never go swimming for twenty minutes after eating, cos you’ll get stomach cramps, clot.

It’s actualy another urban mith with no basis in science.

(Aside. Is a young girl with a lisp, an urban mith?)

Having got rid of that, I agree that a bath befor dinner makes the meal better. The other option is a long bath after dinner but with a decent book and a good single malt whisky.

Hi Old Guy, what`s your favourite bath gel and/or malt whisky.

What’s a bath gel? Anything like soap?

I’m a bit “broad church” on single malts. Most good peaty ones will do from Ireland to Islay and beyond.

One rule. Fridge or freezer the scotch, do not ice!

If your gonna pay that much tax, why water it down?

Tesco’s own 10-yr Islay single malt is so close to Ardbeg I can’t tell the difference. Not bad at GBP16… (GBP12 at Christmas-time).

Caol Isla is favorite though (when on special offer).

Bowmore Legend is nice for an interesting ‘change’.

I do water mine down (50-50), I chill my water rather than the scotch. It is watered down anyway for bottling (except for 100-year old brews which have sweated away over half their alcohol). I prefer the flavour when it’s about 20% - at the original usual 40% I find my palate (what’s left of it) is overwhelmed.

And Again

My mum and dad used to say no swimming for 2 hours after lunch when we were on holiday.
But now im a grown up i dont care.

glenfiddich 16yr old. arrrrrrrllllllgggghhhh

Never been into peaty whiskeys??? but I tried the above and loved it - so different to the early years, wierd.

As for baths - late night then bed for me - no prefrence on gels although i have in the past stolen posh stuff from the misses :stuck_out_tongue:

Farts in the bath can sound quite amusing :hehe:

Glengoyne 17 year old is very nice too, clean sweet finish, almost toffee overtones. Ardbeg is a favourite (one of many…), so I’ll try the Tesco variety on that. Got the Glenfiddich Special Reserve, Dalmore, Glengoyne and 17 yr old Rosebank sitting in a cupboard waiting for me.

Two fingers malt in a large glass with just a splash of water. That is how I like it.:smiley: