Abba stand for sale – Triumph Daytona 675 – now sold

This is a Suberbike package 2 stand which basically allows both wheels to be raised off of the floor. Comes with bobbin adaptor and strap. I used it on. a 2009 Daytona but the listing on abba’s website says up to 2009 so may fit other years. Hardly used this so it’s in excellent condition apart from the odd bit of dirt etc. Was £140 new so I’m after £70 just to get shot of it. Looking for collection only as it’s quite heavy and will be a ball ache to ship. Cheers.

i love my abba stand! really great piece of kit!

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I should also mention it will fit other bikes, if you buy a different adapter for it from the abba site

You mean it will fit other bikes

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Yes that is what I meant lol. Bloody autocorrect!

Btw the guy that invented autocorrect died the other day.
May he restaurant in piece

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