Aargh! Bleedin weather...

Bank hol weekend and it is going to be rubbish!http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/5day.shtml?uk=335

-2 Saturday… gritters will be out again.

So lets not have lots of oh dear I did a whoopsie threads this weekend!

you ave been warned…

Blooming typical.

Sat, Sun and Mon are looking good, bit chilly but that’s no reason to stay indoors :cool:

someone will try an get their knee down cos the sun comes out… an you know what’ll appen… :rolleyes:

Potters bar looks great - not :wink:

Forecast TimeDayFromUntilTempFeelsLikePressureRainCloudDirSpeedWeatherSun 23 Mar0:002:59-3 °c-7 °c1004 mb0.0 mm49 %7 mph3:005:59-3 °c-6 °c1002 mb0.0 mm100 %6 mph6:008:59-2 °c-7 °c1000 mb0.0 mm82 %6 mph9:0011:591 °c-3 °c997 mb0.0 mm96 %8 mph12:0014:592 °c-4 °c994 mb1.7 mm98 %11 mph15:0017:593 °c-1 °c992 mb1.4 mm100 %7 mph18:0020:593 °c-6 °c993 mb1.8 mm100 %21 mph21:0023:59-2 °c-9 °c996 mb0.0 mm60 %21 mph

I’m begining to wish I’d taxed my TL from April now:D

Monday don’t look too bad… you got to work? ;):wink:

GSXRAng (18/03/2008)

Monday don’t look too bad… you got to work? ;):wink:


Sore subject Ang :pinch:

My Mum and Debz Mum together for dinner 0

Grimbusa (18/03/2008)

Aha, leave them to chat… you have some important work to finish :wink:

GSXRAng (18/03/2008)

Wouldn’t be worth going home after :w00t:

I was driving home from work and I was thinking to myself, hmm actually its not too bad. I’m lovely an warm… might go out for a ride. Then I realized I had the heater on :stuck_out_tongue:

I`m suppose to be doing the Southend Shakedown rideout but it looks like it will be a washout.