aaargh just aaaargh

Great day. Had to go to Salisbury for a check-up, so I rode off in the wet this morning to find the A1 at Archway chocker, road closed due to accident investigation. Went up the Enfield road and round the back, cool. Then to Hanworth in SW London to get new wheelchair bits (lost a castor and fork assembly on the A41 yesterday and was 6wheel for a while). New pair of forks and castors cost £226 :sick:

The ride down M3 - A303 - A30 was ok, a bit wet and windy. Check up was ok, I’ll live a bit longer although I now have arthritis in both hips (not that it makes a huge difference). And then homeward bound. The trike’s new engine is running in nicely and I can take it to 6000 rpm, good enough for hooning back up those roads, the A30 was pretty much empty this afternoon.

I did M3 - M25 - M40 and came back in that way, all good until somewhere near Greenford and the throttle cable snapped. Aaaaargh. Just feckin aaaargh. AA guy came out, couldn’t fix it, bodged a 1/2" brass thingummy on the cable end and said “pull to go faster”. He followed me to Hangar Lane to make sure it was workable, which was decent of him. So I got home with this toggle between two fingers and leaning the back of my hand on the bar for leverage, it was surprisingly hard work.

Just bitchin. Never mind.

I had a throttle cable snap on my way to BM once - a right bugger when it’s something like that.

Lubed the cables on the new (to me) bike, they should be okay for a while now.

Does anyone know how long throttle cables are supposed to last? I guess the ‘on’ cable is usually the first to go.

That sounds like a proper sh1t day! Hopefully Karma will have a nice day coming up for you to balance things out. :slight_smile:

Oh you poor boy!!! (Wondered why you were 6-wheels yesterday). Nice of the AA man though. Hope all is sorted soon.

(Surpised you haven’t solved Masquerade by now & found a nubile trowel-wielder to help dig up the goodies!)

“Nubile Trowel-Wielders ‘R’ Us” were fresh out, I’m afraid, although I’ve been promising myself that I’d look through your clues and have a play.

Thanks for all your commiserations, on the bright side at least the rescue truck wasn’t needed which was a result. Can’t wait to get it all sorted, because that engine is shaping up really nicely :smiley:

Good point Garret, what is the expected lifetime of a throttle cable? Or should it last as long as the bike, provided it’s not snagging or jamming anywhere?

You’ve had quite a shitty day there mate. Hopefully today will be better.