God damn it - my sister has found the cello upstairs and being a violinist, thinks she can play it. Ooooooooooh the pain!! :pinch:

Phew… for a moment I thought you’d found smileds pinky :smiley:

she,s not pulling the right strings,get her some lestens lol:D

send her over to me im sure i can teach her what strings to pull

not a chance in hell ginge are you ever meeting my sis!!! ,lol;)

why do u want me all to yourself, dont you wanna share me with her then

Had to track this down, the following quote was from Sir Thomas Beecham to a lady Cellist in an orchestra he was conducting:

“Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands - and all you can do is scratch it”


Save your ear drums, cut the strings :slight_smile: Or would it be cruel to ruin your sisters fun?

ginger you cant even pull your own strings love!:smiley:

Blimey - 8 replies and not one mention of g strings - bit slow off the mark today guys?? :stuck_out_tongue:

can i pull your g string then please :kiss:

LOL, stop encouraging everyone, their minds are perverted enough as it is! :w00t:

lol.aslong as u aint gonna be pulling any strings out :smiley:

You think thats bad ive got to daughters fighting.

cant u put some ear plugs in

Thats because most of the men on here don’t know what a G string is let alone find one!!!;):smiley: HAHA

Remove the G-string and it makes her crotchet start to quaver. :cool: