AAAAAARRGGGG insurance companies, solicitors, uninsured drivers

So many moons ago, in Decemeber last year, I had an accident on my scoot. Guy pulls out in front of me in a junction, clearly looked without seeing, I slam the brakes, lock wheels, skid into him.
Scoot written off, me ok, guy stops, exchange details, witness who was looking at the accident (pedestrian waiting to cross the road). All pretty straight forward one would think.
I don’t want to make a personal injury claim as my back healed up after a couple of days. Just want the scoot repaired.

So, now, 9 months later, after much faffing about, my “solicitor” sends me a letter saying “It appears that the other party may be untraced” with a load of forms to fill in for the MIB.
What a load of bull. We know who was driving, as it appears he may have been insured to drive the car, but the car was insured at the time, so surely it can’t be that difficult?
Shoosmiths (legal people) haven’t been interested really since I told them I didn’t want to make a personal injury claim. Carol Nash couldn’t give a monkeys, and the sc4mbag that was driving un-insured or the b1tch who owns the car (his spouse we believe) clearly aren’t bothered.
I hate them, all of them.

End rant.

Im insured with carole nash and am going through a claim, and yup my solictors are shoosmiths, not had any probs with either of them-equity red star claims-now they are useless

I know excatly how you feel!! I going through the same thing at the moment - it’s all just crap!

No ones seems to care, or say, you can’t really do anything about it!

On the positive side. I just spoke to a nice chap at the Met who has been investigating this. I turns out they do take this serious and have issued a court summons to the registered owner of the vehicle as she has failed to nominate the driver at the time of the incident.
Hopefully that’ll get things moving along a little.
It’s still phish poor from Shoosmiths though, I have to find out all these things, they just put their hands in the air saying they can’t do anything.
To top all of it, they sent me a nice letter today saying the following:

“I am writing to advice you that the rate quoted in your client care letter for your Case Handler, X X has been changed to £180 per hour.”

FFS. £180 !!??
You’d think for that money they’d be half decent.

Try White Dalton, specialist bike solicitors, apparantly they all ride bikes, one of the partners of this division is in Fast Bikes mag each month giving free advice.

#180, wow their rates have gone up! mines charging 140 per hour and tbh shes been pretty good