I went for a job interview few weeks back and I really wanted the job. The interview went well I prepared for it and worked so hard to get it. I got the interview through an agency. Anyway few days after the interview I contacted the agency and no news. It’s been over 3 weeks now and the agency keeps fobbing me off. Anyway got really tired of waiting this morning contacted the agency again and all they say is “no sorry you were unsuccessful better luck next time”. Mutherphuqers! Hate agencies Gonna be temping for the rest of my life at this rate!

Cheers Tony. I did Graphic design but to be honest now I would take on anythign really just to get out of the data entry temp thing. I want a challenge.

I’ll keep my ears open for you! I work for an ISP, and we have quite a few graphic design companies as customers.

Cheers fella.

Ok mate will do ta.

Sorry to hear Tel. Chin up mate.

It may not be what you want but at the moment it is income. Don’t get downhearted, I used to be like that. Just play harder, gets you out of the daily routine crap, otherwise known as work.

sorry to hear about that mate

Yeah i know how you feel im a qulified graphic designer and web designer but am unable to get a job at the moment i lost count of how many ive applied to and some i havent even got replys back from and the ones who do reply all seem to say sorry you havent got enough experiance But my argument is how do you get the expriance if they wont give you a job !!

I started out in design, BusaFan. The way I worked it, was I did a load of free work for friends and associates, so that I could build a portfolio to show to employers. Showing that you have worked on successful commercial sites works wonders when trying to get to the next level.

In my experience I would say that if you don’t hear within 48 hours of having been to an interview through an agency its because you weren’t successful and they’re trying to find something else for you before they contact you. They made me wait all over christmas once… its just nasty.

Good luck with your search. IF you need any help or ideas let me know