A40 Perivale Mobile Camera Unit On Bridge

Just to let you all know just passed along the A40 coming into London, there is a Police mobile camera unit sitting on the bridge monitoring outbound traffic (west bound).

This is the first junction after Hanger Lane heading west.

Watch your speed Ladies and Gents.

Yep 1st of the month so expect to see it sitting there at Perivale, then moving on to the Target and Polish War Memorial during the day/week.

I sat looking at it from the traffic lights this morning.

Yep, however they haven’t been there in a while. In fact haven’t seen any mobile cash machines for a couple of months now.

Oh they’ve been above the PWMem very recently… I’m always wary of it as I fly round from the Target, it’s the only time I’m seen in lane 1 lol :smiley: