A40 lane closures to cause deliberate pre-Olympics gridlock????

Perhaps I’m being overly cynical but there was complete gridlock along the A40 this morning from Polish War Memorial to the Acton lights and it was in large part caused by two short sections of lane closure in critical places (outside lane just approaching the Hanger Lane underpass and inside lane just opposite Homebase at the Acton lights) that didn’t appear to be there for any reason whatsoever!

To me it seemed like a ploy to start keeping people out of London by showing: this is how bad it’s going to get. It succeeded too because the Paddington flyover down to the Marylebone Road and the Marylebone Road itself was completely clear.

Backup route will have to be tried tomorrow, to much chaos coinciding with the first excursions of all the fairweather bikers!

I rode past it heading out and I was in shock. To be fair there was an accident between the Polish War Memorial and Denham exits, but the traffic started badly way before there (I turned on at Greenford heading West). The traffic was just plain stationary, I was very glad not to be filtering through the other way.

On the plus side, I had a wonderful ride out to Bracknell - the A329 west of Virginia Water has some wonderful NSL sections!


yep that was a joy to get through.

hangover, tired and filtering for 40 minutes to get to work. beautiful.

some days just call out for a sickie…:smiley:

you aren’t being overly cynical…

they did it on purpose to get people thinking, seriously, what a bunch of cunts.


it’s like the website agreed with me and decided not to swear filter that. :smiley:

tell ya what, this counrty is beyond a joke now.

we have NO say in the olympics, bikes get nicked and fuk all gets done about it, all these little cunts walking round with knives…it just get sworse and worse…

i hear Australia calling!

that’s just your stomach, it’s nearly dinner time.

You know, there’s quite a few people I know gone to NZ/Oz over the last 5 odd years…

^^ and the super rich aren’t paying taxes still and we’re wondering who ate all the pies :rolleyes: Tax havens: Super-rich ‘hiding’ at least $21tn

i know quite a few too dude, and they live well out there.