Hmmm…I’m gonna be making my way to Sidmouth in Devon at some point and was wondering if the A354 between Salisbury and Dorchester is a good twisty piece of tarmac to use.

Or should I first go to Bournemouth and take the A351 to Weymouth, then skirt the coast to Birdport, join the A35, then A3052 to Sidmouth?

Looking for a nice route.


This paragraph from website Motorcycle Voyager says it all

We follow our noses through Dorchester, straight through one set of lights and right at the second, following the A354 for Weymouth. Out of town, there’s a glimpse of the magnificent Maiden Castle to our right. It’s the biggest hill fort in Britain, and must have been a hugely important centre for the Neolithic people who built it 5,000 years ago. But it’s the Roman legacy that shows as we head south towards the coast. The A354 couldn’t be straighter as it heads for the final chalk ridge before the sea. We crest it, and there is the Naples of England – Weymouth.