A256 Crash

Look at the state of that freaking bike :confounded:
That was some speed. RIP the rider.

Yesterday 22.07.20

*A256 SANDWICH update: A man riding a motorcycle has died after crashing into the side of a van on the A256 Sandwich Bypass around 11:40am this morning. The motorcyclist apparently collided with the driver’s side door of a Ford transit van. *


Oh jeez that’s bad. I saw some more photos, looks like one hell of an impact :frowning: Air ambulance attended but couldn’t save the rider.

Could I make a suggestion based on experience?

The crash happened today, the family may only have just been notified and friends may not know.

Nothing worse that seeing pictures like this online the same day as a fatal crash occurred and then suddenly the family finding out and making assumptions the wrong way. It may also jeopardise the investigation.

I am not trying to be a kill joy, just realistic based on the many hundreds of fatal crashes I have dealt with over the years.

Once the dust has settled, then fine, but on the same day? A little insensitive I would suggest…


Ah, I failed to see it was today, I thought it happened yesterday. Yes, of course, it’ll be hidden until tomorrow or another more suitable time.

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sorry my typo, it did happened yesterday. but still TC is right!

Really, really sad to see a fellow biker down. My heart goes out to the family.

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