A20 Lee High Road

Mental traffic road closed both ways…

Traffic websites say biker down and investigations are in progress that is why the road is closed.

Then I got pulled over on blackheath overtaking on double solid white line when the traffic was at a stand still.

Hope the biker will get better… (Any news on their health?)

Hi All
I got caught in this - reports say it was a biker down - but no more than this.
Traffic websites now say A20/Lee High Road now open

yeah was a biker down, m8 of mine came along shortly after saw some giving cpr on the biker, hope he pulls through.

was about 5.30 this morning, was another biker giving the cpr too.

news is he just lost control of bike.

Just found out the following info.

Biker was a police officer.

The biker has passed on.

Thoughts to his family.

yer that was right near me



That’s very sad. Thoughts to his friends and family.

I was going along there the other day ;[

Was coming to work 06:00 and was diverted by this also at the end of my road :frowning:

not good news http://www.brianrobson.org.uk/2009/11/02/fatal-accident-on-lee-high-road-this-morning-appeal-for-witnesses/ :frowning:

Very sad. The link says he was a copper, wonder if he was a bike cop? Just goes to show - 42 years old, no other vehicles involved…can happen to the best of them/us.


was you in a fluro by any chance same bike as urs i was behind ya on a black cbr4 streetfighter if so;)