A2 Kent bound and Blackheath

Saw a police 4x4 setting up in the hard shoulder on the A2 Kentbound no far after the Danson Interchange, couldn’t tell if it’s a speed trap as they were just setting up (coning off the hard shoulder and putting out a police sign).

On Shooters Hill Road as it enters Blackheath Common there are loads of police pulling over bikes (they’re parked in the shortcut between Shooters Hill Road and Prince of Wales Road, opposite the petrol station) there was about 8 bikes that had been pulled over as I went past, lots of police bikes and 4x4s, didn’t look as though they were pulling any cars over at the time.

I saw this too, so decided to filter between the cars to avoid the cop seeing and holding me up. I was running late enough as it was … I believe they were doing tax / insurance / numberplate checks?

About 2 weeks back, they had 3 bik cops pulling bikers over, of which I was one. They said it was for an Indicator/brake light check? But I think it was a diversion and another cop checks the rego?

It is not a bad thing … Just annoying being held up.