A2 average speed cameras

Plenty of rear facing camera spikes now in from the Eltham Tunnel to Blackwall tunnel section, not sure if its live until they put more in all the way to Crayford, but they’re lit up at night (but on black posts). If they’re set to the ‘temporary’ 30mph it’s gonna be bloody painful, and it looks like they’ve brought forward the 30mph tunnel approach limit.Didn’t do much for safety this morning as there was a collision between a van & car in this section.

Ah hopefully not live yet, haven’t see any announcement



It’s a travesty sir!

Guys these have been going up for a while, but yesterday I had a heart attack: The fixed speed cameras have been taken down which leads me to believe there’s a very big chance these average speed cameras are live. There’s no way the fascists would have taken down one cash cow if not to replace it for another. So today on the bike I stuck to the limit to be safe, and I have to tell you it wasn’t just painful. It’s so dangerous. I’m so sick of this and I’m not going to ride the bike in anymore. I am on the A2 from when it is national speed limit all the way along so like many other people this is going to have a huge impact on my commute time and safety. You’re sat in everyone’s blind spot for longer at the times you’re lucky enough to be able to filter, otherwise you stuck in a lane with no buffer zone. It’s a joke 

Sorry mont999, I should have read FOI request before replying. So they should go live November sometime, following a fanfare for public safety. Point still valid however, I fear this is going to be very dangerous for vulnerable road users

Not sure I see how it’s unsafe riding at the speed limit - irritating maybe, but not unsafe.

If filtering is “unsafe” at a particular point, don’t do it.

riding at 30 mph doesn’t feel safe at all when you can see plenty of loons flying up behind you (plenty of time to watch mirrors at that pace!) going over 50mph, because they haven’t noticed the new cameras or they don’t care about the limit, and then leaving it last minute to overtake you. I’ve witnessed so much more shocking driving plodding along at that pace, when usually I would have cleared off away from it all.

It’ll work itself out when they heavily promote and signpost the cameras

Have we heard anything about these being switched on yet?

I’ve been assuming they are switched on. The camera inbound as you go from national to 50 takes me by surprise every time, bike or car.





I've been assuming they are switched on. The camera inbound as you go from national to 50 takes me by surprise every time, bike or car. Jon M
Yeah same, I've been sticking to around 50 since November started and I'm noticing most other motorists are doing the same. Makes a commute on the bike really, really boring now

There’s quite a few potential answers on here, looks like the go live date keeps being put back, I’m not risking it, partly to get acclimatized to riding in dull mode for when they do :slight_smile: It looks like the 30mph bit around kidbrooke are for the larger forward facing ones.


A FOI request answered by TfL a few months ago said the cameras would not go live until the work at Kidbrooke had been finished, which was estimated as being December.