A2 50mph speed limit

I ride up and down the A2 every day for work, and there is a 50mph zone from the Black Prince all the way down to the Blackwall Tunnel and vice-versa.

It would seem that I’m one of very few bikers that sticks to the 50mph limit. Does everyone else know something that I don’t? Do the cameras work or has anyone been caught?


Rusty used to loiter there about, he’d be most likely to know.

Does the 50 go all the way to the tunnel now? It used to annoyingly drop to 30 somewhere before the Tunnel.

It might drop down to 30 at some point, it would be great to get above 20 and not have to filter.

It could be the only potential plus side to the ULEZ.

Front facets?


Unfortunately not.

It still drops to 30.

Coming from the tunnel southbound i don’t think there is another average speed camera till after the Sun in the Sands turn off.
It’s not a route I regularly take so you’ll need to double check but I often see cars and bikes going well over the speed limit along there.

I use the Blackwall Tunnel regularly once or twice a year, every year and then some, probably. Its good to keep up with what’s what along there especially since I have a clean licence!

I ride the whole stretch of that average speed check and not got a ticket so far, sit at an indicated 62mph on a yamaha speedo

I’ve seen bikers go upwards of 70, especially heading out of London. I need my licence too much to risk that

Blackwall tunnel still drops to 30, but you’re usually stuck behind someone going much slower than that. Why is it that as soon as you get into London filtering bikers don’t yield to bikers behind but they do outside London?

The few times I travel into London later and that run down into Blackwall @30 is clear, I’ve accidently stayed at a higher speed as 30 along an empty 3 lane road feels strange - not got a ticket for that

There are average speed check cameras coming through the tunnel (I’m actually not sure what speed they are set to) but on the way out I must average 40 through it and not got done so far but sometimes there will be traffic cops lurking outside the tunnel too. Sometimes they are stood on the RHS with a speed gun but most often they are parked up on the layby on the LHS

Ha, I thought I was brave doing 54mph! :grin:

I might be brave and step it up to 57mph (speed limit + 10% + 2mph = the get-awaywith-it limit normally).

I bet your speedo understates your speed as well so add another couple

That’s a discretionary thing. You can get fined for 1mph above the limit too now.

I regularly do 60 coming into town - my satnav records 54, I also accidently pinned it but didn’t get anything. I know the three Gatsos, they had before the average ones, between Bexleyheath and the South Circular flashed but didn’t spew out tickets - the one at Kidbroke did.