A Thankyou from Pimlico`s family

Ive been asked to pass on big big thank you`s for all the kind words and praise regarding martin, Aka Pimlico Pilot. I, like Rob have been involved in communications with the family and they really are so amazed to see so many people expressing lovely memories.

I’m sure at some point in the near future we will organise a memorial ride out as we would, and i for one would suggest that we collect for Martins Favorite charity the NSPCC. He was a strong supporter of this and it would be brilliant if we could help towards a charity he felt so strongly for.

At this time the family are still grieving and im sure they are also remembering such a wonderful person.

Westie x

I’m sure you’re making a difficult time for the family a little bit easier-thanks Westie

well we are ALL doing our bit x

Thanks for passing that message on Westie :slight_smile:

Lovely msg thanks for letting us know.

well done ‘Westie’

just an idea, but it would be really nice if someone films our candle lighting and minutes silence to show his family how much we all thought of him?

smiled productions anyone?

Well done Westie, was going to have a chat with Suzie this evening but you beat me to it:D

Thanks westie, when you next speak to them can you find out when the funeral is [ i understand we wont be there] but it is to send flowers, and we will do something ourselves on that day, also if you could find out the road and junction it happened at.


Its nothing ive done, i just felt that as one of Martins friends it was the right thing to do, as i say Rob has also been involved, as have a few of us.

Good on LB.

btw, i am bring spare tealights with me should anyone not have one tonight, i have the topbox to put them in.

Its a private affair im afraid, as to the familys wishes. Thats why we will be doing a rideout in memory at some stage. Any donations to the NSPCC would be a welcome addition, i will find out the details on donating.

yes i already know that and said i understand we wont be there, but if you can just find out the date for us and can we send flowers.

apologies, i didnt read it right, they have specified that a donation would be more beneficial than flowers. (NSPCC) I may start a collection tonight

Sorry for spamming - http://announcements.thetimes.co.uk/obituaries/timesonline-uk/obituary.aspx?n=martin-ackner&pid=154277446

Message from Martin’s family:

“… I hear the tribute at Blackheath on Wednesday was very fitting with over 90 bikers attending. He would have really appreciated that”

I took a few pics at Blackheath. Here they are:




On my iPad right now so can’t post them directly on the forum.

I’d be well up for donating some money. I think you lot have really done yourselves something to be proud of. There’s a great sense of community on this forum, pretty much everyone I’ve met has seemed really safe.

Pimlco pilot was a really decent chap, I only spoke to him online, but I recognised his pic’s and I’ve seen in out and about in the past.

Hi Westie,
If a memorial ride happens please let me know and I’ll come and document the whole thing for Martin’s family and also for the NSPCC if efforts are made to raise some funds. My wife is one of the corporate sponsorship managers for the NSPCC and I’m sure they would really appreciate the publicity and if it helps a cause Martin supported then so much the better.

Let me know what happens and if I can do something respectful that will help I’ll do what I can.

Hi Toby, I certainly will, that would be a great idea, I’m sure Martin would be very chuffed to have people donating, I will check what the family think.