A sort of newbie

Hi i used to be a member 5 or 6 years or so ago.

My names Daniel

Married. 2 kids Kyra who’s 12 and rides a kx60 and Jamie who’s 4 and rides a lt50 quad. I currently ride a gsxr 600 and a cr80 (bought it for my daughter but decided it was far too much fun for her) currently looking to get an enduro bike for a bit of green laning as i don’t seem to get my kicks out of road ridding much these days and am fed up of going round in circles up the woods. Used to do a bit of motocross and trials and roadraced for a few years. Live a couple of miles from boxhill.

Does gingerbikerchick still frequent this place ?

Hey fella, welcome back :slight_smile: No, I’ve not seen GBC here for a long time.


im saving hard for a 525 exc to start green laning so may join you :slight_smile:

currently have a gsxr 750 and ktm duke 1

Hi and welcome back.

hiyyy Ya (as miss piggy would say) lol welcome back to Lb

Havn’t made my mind up yet what i fancy. iv’e always prefered 2 strokes. i tried a work mates 520exc and found it a bit big and heavy. i love my bosses 300exc and keep going between that and a crm250. I’m a bit peeved at the mo as i should have been having a demo bmw g450x for the weekend but they sold it so iv’e got to wait for the new one to arrive. I like idea of the bike but not so keen on the price. I need to have a sort out first. Ive still got my zx9r i used to race in the shed and that hasn’t even been started since 2004.

Hi Daniel

Welcome back to LB!

Hiya & welcome :smiley:

hello and welcome

Hallo there! Havnt got a trials bike but trying to persuade my son to get one just so i can play on it! Arnt kids Great!:smiley: