A scooter... what was I thinking?!

Having been without a motorcycle for some time, I decided to get myself a 125cc scooter for running errands in W1. I’ve been on a Honda CBF500 in the past and was somewhat missing life on two wheels.

Shame then, that life on a scooter is pure misery. It seems if you are on a scooter, you are the lowest of the low. No more friendly waves from fellow bikers (not that I tried - I quickly learnt to know my place), van drivers trying to kill you out of hurt pride from having been overtaken, and car drivers in general seeming to think that you are on a pushbike.

Today I was being chased down by a Lexus 4x4 that kept dangerously close to me, constantly trying to overtake. Eventually we came to a standstill by a set red traffic lights. As I flipped my visor open to try to find out what the driver’s issue was - I was told I should keep to the side of the road “on that thing” (A Piaggio Skipper 125cc - an ugly thing, but not that slow). I was over the speed-limit already, but being on a small scooter it seems that other drivers’ perception of your speed is badly impaired.

And don’t mention the impact every single pothole and manhole has on the bike… ouch.

Anyway - I am off to part-exchange this ugly beast and get myself a motorcycle.

You want to try riding a 50cc hairdryer on wheels.

I find that I don’t get into too much bother if I am either perfectly courteous or if I scoot in a way there’s nothing they can do.

Pot holes are a royal b*stard tho’.

why not keep the scoot & get a motorcycle as well? :wink:

Unfortunately my finances do not allow me to do that :slight_smile: and besides it really isn’t fun on a scooter. At least now I know!

I had a go on a scooter once, terrifying experience, never to be repeated. And that was without traffic. Tiny wheels and no ability to control the engine/wheel interface does not a happy biker make.

And there was me thinking controlling a twist and go was easier than using gears! Maybe riders who pass on a geared motorcycle have their license restricted so they can’t ride scooters! :smiley:

In terms of setting off and keeping the thing moving, of course scooters are easier to ride than geared bikes. It’s just that the one I tried just felt friggin dangerous as i felt a lot less in control. But that is my very humble view which is no doubt wrong.

Pussy’s the lot of ya:P i prefer bombing round town on me scoot more so than me hornet:D mind you mine is far nicer and sportier looking than a yukky piaggio;) Aprilias rock:w00t: and i love spending the day p*ssing off all the black cabs and buses up in larndan town lol:hehe:

LOL Wasp, you naughty girl! :wink:

He he …who me NAUGHTY…too right:P

yeah common scooters can be a great laugh!! :smiley: