A rainy night at blackheath teahut meet

Excuse the camera…but i had to use the inny camera of the iphone as the outy one is scratched to fuuck…

was a short but sweet meet but as always, the hardcore were there…

loadsa tea / cake…and laughs…

Ive gone for the serious look on my boat…next pose is guy with eye twitch…!! till next week then…


looks like ye had fun then :slight_smile:
should be back down again next week :w00t:

Looks like CCTV from last years riots…


Nice to see people out and about!

The last time I saw a set of photos like that it was by the Met after last years riots with the heading “do you know these people?” :wink:

Bugger, beaten to the keyboard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny enough every photo of me is a Mug shot :smiley:

:laugh: :laugh:

well done for braving the rain, it was really chucking it down!

thanks…i came in a car:D

sorry…i ment in plums hair:D



I think the 10 second timer ones we did a while back were hilarious - Rob always has a cam :slight_smile: