A quick count-up..

Ways of getting around at my immediate disposal:


1 MkII Nissan Micra DOHC
1 full-sus mountain bike
2 skateboards
1 pair aggressive inline blades
1 NimbusX trials unicycle
1 pair Reebok classics
1 Oyster card

Not working:

1 Renault 19 RTi - (burnt-out clutch)
1 MkI Focus Ghia 2.0 - (can’t afford the insurance)
1 Suzuki EN125 - (gearbox suffering from premature oil ejaculation on a nightly basis)
3 mountain bikes - (keep taking bits off of 'em to keep the fourth going)
1 freestyle unicycle - (crankshaft bearings gone)
1/2 pair Vans skate shoes - (left other half at the motor show yesterday)
1 pogo stick - (don’t know how to ride it)

My own dad calls me (and I quote) “a ruddy gipsy” - but I’ve always maintained some sort of vague hope of one day getting everything in working order and making it a part of the loving, caring import_125 transport family. But (mainly due to the 125 being screwed) I’m planning to go for my full bike license in a couple weeks; is it time to shelve that dream and have a clear-out?

LB’s own Steptoe and Son :stuck_out_tongue:

06 Honda CBF500/A
Oyster card
Legs - currently a bit wobbly from the gym, but otherwise working:D

I know how you feel import Embarassed but my dream is still a possibility :wink:

Put it ALL on e-bay and buy yourself a decent bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to distill.

Get one decent mountain bike together, keep anything that will keep it going and shed anything left.

Out the car. Huge drain on the pocket and, if you like me, hardly used.

The rest, I don’t know. Who want ONE second hand Vans shoe? Come to that, who needs two secondhand Vans. Err… Can shoes be second hand ?

Sell anything else you have that raises cash and fix the 125. Test or no test, that thing is getting legendary status and needs to be around to haunt others.

Anyway, it’s probably all you can afford to run right now.